Personal Illustration Commissions
I offer personal commissions on occasion. 
I take payments through Paypal only. Please email or DM me on social media if interested. For your reference, my complete terms and conditions for personal commissions can be found here
**These type of commissions are for personal use only and may not be used in any commercial context without proper licensing or permission. If you are interested in commercial work, please see the section below for more information or email me at for more information.
Price List:
B&W Sketch (Traditional) - [Bust] $20; [Waist & Up] $30; [Full Body] $40
Simple Ink (Lines & Shadows) - [Waist & Up] $35; [Full Body] $55
Custom Tattoo Design - [Palm Sized] $35; [HALF-SLEEVE] $55
Custom Sticker Set - [Simple Style & Color] $35; [Holographic] +$5
Custom Earrings (Shipping Included) - [Simple Style & Color] $35
* Extras Offered: +$15 fee per additional character, +$15 for flat color
Commercial Illustration Projects
I also offer commercial illustration services. Some projects I've completed in the past include: T-Shirt / Merchandise designs, Beer Can Labels, Social Media Infographics, Event Posters, Album Art, and Logos to name a few.
For a quote on your project, please reach out via email at so that we can get started.
Please note that pricing for commercial projects is different from my personal commissions list due to the nature of my images being used for profit. I require a contract with terms of agreement to be signed before beginning any commercial work for a client. 
I also reserve all rights to my art unless otherwise negotiated or purchased. Thanks!
Social Media Management & Content Creation
I offer both social media management and content creation packages to small businesses or creators who are looking for assistance with growing their social media organically. I primarily work with Meta Apps (Instagram and Facebook) but can also assist with Pinterest and Tik Tok marketing.
If you would like to work together or get a quote that's personalized to your needs, please reach out via email so that we can discuss further! Thank you.

Basic Media Package (1 Platform):
**My basic media packages are charged monthly. Each package includes weekly image posts, reels / tik toks, other basic content creation, hashtags, analytics, SEO research, and scheduling. Pricing may also vary based on individual needs, any add-ons, and other factors. 

Minimal [3-5 weekly image posts, 1-2 weekly reels] - $550+
Enhanced [5-7 weekly image posts, 2-3 weekly reels] - $950+
UGC / Tik Tok or Instagram Reel Video:
Minimal [Basic Lighting & Background, up to 60 sec]
Enhanced [Mood Lighting, complex effects, up to 90 sec]
More packages coming soon. (:
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